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Lumiun DNS policies

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Security and Privacy

Protect users from cyber attacks and inappropriate content

Increase security, with a few clicks, through intelligent filters that pre-emptively block access to harmful sites and content

Basic Protection

Blocks the main negative sites, phishing and malware. This filter prevents various types of attacks, increasing security.

Block adult content

With a simple click it is possible to block sites with adult content such as pornography and violence.


Blocks ads and trackers on all devices. Makes navigation cleaner and faster.


Force Google Safesearch

Filters the search results to not display any sites, images or videos with pornographic or violent content.


Force Bing Safesearch

Bing SafeSearch helps keep adult content out of your search results.


Force YouTube Restricted

YouTube Restricted Mode will block comments and most inappropriate videos.

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Increase user focus by blocking websites

Users are allowed to spend many hours of the day accessing websites and content that reduce focus and productivity at work and studies.

Control of the abusive use of social networks, online games and videos

In Lumiun DNS it is very easy to control the blocking of the main websites and applications that consume people's time the most. No technical knowledge required. Just one click.

Social Media and Messaging

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, Tinder, Snapchat...


PlayStation, Xbox, Fortnite, Free Fire, League of Legends, Minecraft, Steam...

Video and Music

YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Globoplay, Disney Plus, Twitch...

Blocks through Lumiun DNS

There are more than 70 filters and applications to enable blocking

Optimize your company's or school's internet according to your needs.


Amazon, Shopee, AliExpress, Alibaba, Americanas, Mercado Livre, Shein...

News, sports and entertainment

Globo, UOL, Terra, IG, R7, Yahoo...


AnyDesk, ChatGPT, Baidu, Google Play, TeamViewer...

Productivity filters

Set free hours

Allow access to websites, apps or games at specific times of the day and week.

Optimize time

Now access to social networks, videos and music is by appointment. In Lumiun DNS, create free time ranges and mark the applications you want to release.

Deliver more results

Be responsible for increasing your company's productivity and results.

Free hours

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Simplified Integration with Major Devices

Find out how Lumiun DNS makes installation and integration on multiple devices an easy and affordable task. Our solution is designed to seamlessly adapt to the needs of a variety of network environments.

MikroTik pfSense Android Intelbras TP-Link Windows DNS Server Fortinet Servidor Linux OPNSense

And much more...

Access Policies

With Lumiun DNS it is possible to create different policies for access to manage blocking rules.

Create more restrictive or liberal policies and choose which locations to apply to.

Need to replace your router or device? No problem! Policies are synced in the cloud, losslessly and securely.

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Lumiun DNS Policies

Several places in one place

A location identifies a network, device or place that you want to control and protect through Lumiun DNS.

You can register several locations and have unified control in just one panel in the cloud.

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I manage the network of a company with several branches. With Lumiun DNS, I can add a blocking rule that is applied to all networks instantly.

Moisés Jr., Freelance IT Professional

Places of Lumiun DNS

Real-time statistics and logs

Follow in real time the websites accessed in your networks.

See the volume of requests released and blocked in a super intuitive line graph.

Check out a ranking of the most blocked categories and sites.

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Reports and logs in real time

Start your journey of security and control through DNS Filtering!

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Lumiun DNS policies